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Love yourself!

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Know You Are Awesome

You are one of a kind. You have a unique story to tell. That story is interesting as well. You have survived through all of your hardships. You have friends and relatives that care about you. You care about yourself and others. You believe in something. You can express the previous seven points uniquely. You […]

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Strategy: Revised Gigavise Hieratics

Introducing Gigaplant About 6 months ago, I introduced this deck on The Written Blit. After almost a year of tinkering, I finally found the best way to make it work. “Gigavise Hieratics” is a new twist on an older strategy that revolves around a powerful monster. Introduced in 2008’s “Phantom Darkness” set, Gigaplant is a […]

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The Flight of Superman

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The Lyre

Arches of brass Created from divine energy Flit gracefully in the hands of Imperial jesters Kidding with lyrically Magnificent nonchalance to Persistent queries of Realities strung about Tasteless utopias; Victorious, whimsical Xi; Yellow zeal.

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Staring into Mercury

The Land of Confusion

Imagine a world that is overpopulated and overrun with unsolved problems like hunger, poverty, and crime; where the potential for positive change cannot be fully realized because the generation in charge lost its way. This dystopian vision of a “Land of Confusion” is “the world we live in, the hand we’re given”. It is also […]

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Remembering the Holocaust

Today is Yam HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is a day of indescribable mourning for those who survived the Holocaust; a day of atonement for those who perpetrated it; and a day of awareness for those who choose to believe it never happened. In the years leading up to Holocaust, the Jewish World was very […]

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New Voices: “The Voice of Our Jewish Generation?”

New Voices: “The Voice of Our Jewish Generation?” The nicest thing anyone has ever said about me!!!

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50 Reasons Why I Am No Longer Funny

Do you remember when I was funny? I do. I was once a funny guy. I was once a fun guy. I was once a fungus. I was ridiculously mesmerizing and witty. When I started a joke, I hit the ground running. I was so fast-actin’ I needed stronger stuff than Tinactin to cure my […]

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Yakatori Phoenix

Yakatori Phoenix

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The 2012 American Jewish Year Book

AJYB: The Status and Fate of America’s Jewry

This piece is a brief synopsis of the content from a February 12, 2013, three-part lecture by Dr. Ira Sheskin, Professor Arnold Dashefsky, and Professor Barry Kosmin, at the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies. For more information about Jewish demography, visit http://www.JewishDataBank.org AJYB: The American Jewish Year Book Judaism is many […]

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Hug Me

MPS Alum Publishes Book About His Journey to Israel

MPS Alum Publishes Book About His Journey to Israel I made the blog of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science! Check it out!

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"Sunflower Fields" by Bruce Blitman

Against the Times: Is Moving Just the Thing You Need?

“Is Moving Just the Thing You Need?” by Ken Torrino, Web Relations for Douglas Elliman, brokers of New York City real estate. Edited by Andrew Blitman, “The Written Blit” It is not easy to say goodbye to family and friends. It is even harder to leave home. For many people, though, moving on is necessary […]

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My New Book/ “White Fire”

Last December, I went to Israel for the first time. Over the past month, I have compiled my experiences there into a book. “Birthright 2012: A Voyage into the Heart and Soul of Israel” follows my spiritual growth as I physically journeyed through the land. For ten days, I travelled with 40 college students, 8 Israeli […]

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