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Andrew Blitman likes to draw and write about philosophy, poetry, and science. The author of two books, he will graduate from the University of Miami in May 2014 with a Masters of Professional Science degree in Marine Affairs. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail him at thewrittenblit@gmail.com.


Rolling stone

Rolling stone (Photo credit: Paulo Etxeberria)

Is a force that keeps going.

It perpetuates itself, growing,

And never slowing.


Once it does,

Time stands still,

Like a stone rolled atop a hill.


It’s a strange feeling

That’ll have you reeling.


Once the momentum stops

The abstractions are tossed

And the words are lost.


How can lost inertia be gained

Amidst all the silence, plain?


All it takes is a push,

A gentle breeze whistling, “whoosh”,


To push the boulder off the ledge

And break the glass ceiling with a sledge…


So the momentum will return

The creative force for which I yearn.

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