Press Release: April 24, 2018

Press Release – Andrew Blitman, April 24, 2018

I Have Some Jokes and One-Liners for You!

“Did you hear about the gorilla that received the Nobel Prize for Economics last year?” – “Yes, he discovered the mathematical formula for monkey business” What is the scientifically proven method of protection from wild zebra attacks? (The answer is always a Horse Field) What do you call a dog on an escalator? – A… Read More


Your love is strange. Your love is epic, Behind it a power so strong It makes me panic. Your love is adventure; It is sheer experience. Ahead of it is a future Filled with radical amazement. Before everything existed, It was there. You extended the invitation To be alongside you In a wilderness that tames.… Read More


When I am by myself I feel the presence of others, The desire for connections On deeper levels. There are objects; There are people Who exert their gravitational pull When I fall into their orbit. How I drift into rotation Is the inertia of the conversion Of forces in relation To the strength of their… Read More